Sarah Susanka

"Chief Architect is a wonderful tool to help architects visualize their designs, allowing easy modeling that surpasses the capabilities of the other CAD programs I’ve worked with."

Sarah Susanka, AIA
Author of the best-selling Not So Big House

"Chief Architect makes 3D CAD easy – Most architectural CAD software is geared toward producing 2D construction documents first, with 3D or rendering capability thrown in as icing on the cake. Chief Architect is all about quick 3D visualization and presentation, with 2D CAD if you need it. Chief Architect makes visualization quick and easy enough that even a novice operator can work with Chief..."

Builder Magazine Builder Magazine

"Chief Architect does what it’s designed to do very well. It continues to build on a solid and mature foundation. It is simple and intuitive, yet offers a number of sophisticated tools and functions that greatly automate and assist... the residential designer."

Cadalyst Magazine

"Rated by many observers as the benchmark product in this sector, Chief provides one of the most comprehensive and full-featured product offerings for homebuilders, remodelers, designers/architects, and drafters."

Jerry Laiserin
Cadalyst Magazine
Cadalyst Magazine

"When showing my client the rendering of their kitchen remodel, she said ‘I knew I hired the right person’. To me this was priceless."

Cathy Bowen
Designs With You In Mind
Fair Oaks, CA

"I teach Chief to high school students and have never seen them more excited about any program."

Jon Jones

"I purchased Chief after investigating the market and talking to numerous designers... I am so glad that I switched CAD programs. Keep up the great work!"

Adel Visser, CKD, CBD, CID
All About Kitchens & More

"Clients love to understand the finished product before a hammer is lifted. Chief Architect makes me the hero."

Adam Gibson, CKD
AG Design

"The high end, photo realistic 3D rendering capabilities absolutely blow my clients away. Chief Architect – in a word, is nothing short of spectacular!"

Glenn Travis, President
GMT Home Designs, Inc.

"Chief Architect is far and away the best design tool I’ve ever put my hands on – instead of being a technician it makes me feel like an architect again!"

Wendy Welton, AIA
Art Form Architecture, Inc.

"Chief Architect lets my clients be part of the design process and the house becomes their home right in front of them."

Fred Hahn

"Chief Architect’s ability to impress my clients at the point of sale and then create completed documents for final construction is a winning combination my business could not do without."

Larry Hawes
(X3 beta tester)

"Chief Architect is an amazing tool for design. Clients are blown away by the 3D models and renderings. The quality of the presentations reinforces their decision to hire me as the design professional for their project."

Viki Wooster

"The amazing 3-D design capability of Chief Architect gives me the competitive edge I need. I am certain that the majority of my new business is a result of my 3-D ‘sales pitch’."

Jim Madsen
Designer, AIBD

"What I like best about Chief Architect is you ‘Draw it the way it’s Built’."

Allen Colburn, Jr.
(X3 beta tester)

"Chief Architect is the only program that makes my clients think I’m a genius."

JoAnne Tarr

"Chief’s 3D renderings and walk-throughs close the deal for me every time. I’ve had clients eager to sign a check even before I have proposed a contract."

Rod Kervin

"I know the program is great when my customers send me pictures of their new home and it looks just like the renderings. Contractors are able to provide an extremely competitive quote utilizing the powerful material list function of Chief Architect."

Paul Hotchkiss

"Chief Architect... Is there anything it doesn’t do?"

Allen Brown
Professional Building Designs
(X3 beta tester)

"Outstanding software that is detailed, easy to use, modify and view in 3D with superior training videos and support staff. My clients are always impressed with the realistic 3-D views of their projects."

Donald Koidahl

"It amazes me how flexible it is to produce design drawings through to final working drawings. I’ve tried various complicated architectural software programs but have always come back to what works best for me: Chief Architect. It’s gratifying to sit down with clients and see the amazement on their faces as they watch their home evolve in 3D."

Don Nunn

"Chief Architect saved my clients thousands of dollars thus getting the job done on time and budget. With the ability to refer to the renderings, clients tend not to make costly changes during construction giving them confidence."

David Lee Korpela

"After seeing a 3D view of their proposed kitchen, bath or addition, clients are ready to move right in! Thank you, Chief Architect!"

Maxine Christison A.S.I.D
Maxine Christison Interior Design
Walnut Creek, CA

"Chief Architect has made the dream of "Design/Build" a reality for me."

Jim Ronda
Ronda Construction Co.
Medford, OR

"We launch every project with Chief Architect – It is simply the most intuitive architectural model building software on the market."

Paul Parker
Architectural MAGIC
Spokane Valley, WA

"Chief Architect is our ONLY CAD package."

Mike Lux
MLA Architects
Downs, IL

"It’s been great to see many first year students able to complete several sets of house plans during the academic year with Chief Architect."

Jerry Mycue
Seguin High School
Seguin, TX

"Chief Architect is a great classroom tool."

Chris Dinkel
Drafting Instructor
Hays High School
Hays, KS

"I was blown away by the power, versatility, and responsiveness of this 3D imaging. Virtual models show every aspect of a house or addition in stunningly realistic 3D dimensions."

Doug Friesen
Duxborough Designs

"With Chief Architect, I am able to satisfy my clients in a manner I never dreamed possible and have virtually instant feedback on everything from a floor plan to a 3-D Elevation of the Kitchen Cabinets, and do it from anywhere around the world. Chief Architect exceeds the ever increasing requirements of our industry. Chief Rules!"

John Manca
Blue Mountain Contractors Inc.

"Epoch Homes manufactures Old World New England style homes. Three years ago Epoch instituted Chief Architect for its builders. Results so far include:

  • Chief Architect has had a tremendous impact in closing sales for our builders
  • Builders do more revisions in the field, reducing design time at the factory
  • Information that comes to the factory is more accurate, reducing costly mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Chief Architect has increased builder loyalty, and is perceived by the builder as a major benefit."
Dave Wrocklage
Epoch Homes Corporation
Pembroke, NH

"Chief Architect is an absolute hit with our students. They LOVE it!"

Don Domes
Hillsboro High School
Hillsboro, OR

"Congratulations! You have done it again! You have turned out yet another upgrade to an already superior product! Chief Architect never stops to amaze its customers with the new features in every upgrade. Thanks to all of you! Keep it up!"

Helmut Rabis
Mohave Valley Design
Bullhead City, AZ

"Chief is a wonderful tool that allows you to exercise an unlimited degree of artistry, while at the same time, affording you precision capabilities – thanks for the excellent 3D CAD product!"

Darryl Duffe
Duffe Design/Build Services

"I have other software that cost me a bundle to buy, but I always come back to Chief Architect. There isn’t anything I can’t do. If I can draw it on paper, I can show it in The Chief."

Judy Worthington
Fair Haven, MI

"Nationwide Custom Homes is a large modular home manufacturer. Our engineering department has been using AutoCAD and other programs for many years. For the last several years we have provided digital drawings to our builders using 3D Home Architect (originally created by Chief Architect). Our builders used the program to make changes and presentations for their customers. Upgrading to Chief Architect has been wonderful. We were able to retain the user-friendly interface yet gain many additional features and functions. As soon as we announced that we were going to Chief Architect, our builders started calling to place orders. Everyone is extremely pleased we made this move to Chief Architect."

Rob Lovell
M.I.S. Manager
Nationwide Custom Homes

"Chief Architect is a joy to use. It lets me get on with designing, always helping and never hindering the process. I can quickly set down my ideas then easily refine these with precision, the ease with which I’m able to move and alter walls is just one of Chief’s many great features. Being able to take 3D 'snapshots' as I go is really cool but when I can also reposition windows and doors in the 3D view and see the changes on plan at the same time, what more could I want! Photo realistic renderings? Chief has them, the best I’ve seen, really bringing my designs to life. The toolbars are well thought out with excellent tools to hand as needed for the current task and the interface itself can be colored to personal choice for a pleasant, inviting working environment. Chief Architect is a sophisticated yet user friendly, very excellent program. Thank you so much!"

Rich Williams
Pelican Cott

"You should know that I have absolutely no architectural training, skill, experience or anything. I know next to nothing about construction. I figure I must have saved us at least $15,000 in additional architect fees. In conclusion: A big thanks for one of the all time greatest products that I have ever used. If an idiot like me can get plans to a builder, this is pretty fair country testimony as to how good your product is."

Steven L. Scarborough
Austin, TX

"Love your software, it is making me the top salesman at my job."

Rick Peters

"Frankly, the most powerful application in the world is of limited worth if it is cumbersome and complicated to use. Before the Chief, I was struggling with Autocad..."

Stephen Fusco

"Thank You for a really Great Architect Program. It is the very best I have been able to find in the world of software. Thanks, guys."

Phillip Stover

"What can’t Chief do?"

  • Build the house.
  • Pay for it.
  • Help you move in.
Allen Jones

"The Design & Drafting III students from the Canon City High School were the first to use Chief Architect and they love it. The intuitive software interface dramatically cuts the time need to create a quality design... This last year was incredible. Many of us are going on to engineering and architectural majors in college. Thanks for helping us get started."

Canon City High School