Switching from a Camera View Back to Floor Plan

Reference Number: KB-00329 Last Updated: 01-06-2015 04:33 PM

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors or Chief Architect Lite


I have created a 3D camera view of my design, but now I don't know how to return to my 2D floor plan view.  How can I do this?


You can close a camera view by clicking the X in the upper right of a window or by using the File> Close option from the menu. Additionally, it is possible to cycle through views using Keyboard shortcuts or by using the menu.

To close the camera view

  1. Click on the in the top right coner of the window or by clicking the X on the Tab you wish to close.

    On a Mac this X will be on the left side instead of the right.

    In Prior versions click on the lower  at the top right corner of a window to close it.

  2. Alternately, you can select File> Close View from the menu. 


If the view is still needed, swap to a different view without closing the current views using the options under the Window menu.


To use the Window menu

  1. The window tiling options allow you to display multiple views side by side in the program window.

    • Select Window> Tile Horizontally  to display both views in a horizontal orientation.

    • Select Window> Tile Vertically  or press Shift + F6 on the keyboard to display both views in a vertical orientation.

    • To activate a view, click the title bar or anywhere in the view. Note that any changes you make are reflected in the camera view as well.

    • To end window tiling, click the Maximize button in the upper right corner of any open view

    • Tiling allows you to see the results of changes in floor plan view in 3D or vice versa, and can also be useful for copying objects from one plan to another.

  2. Arrange Icons is a Windows function used when several active windows have been minimized. Select Window> Arrange Icons  to align the minimized title bars in a row at the bottom of the working desktop. You can then click the minimized title bars to reactivate them or use them for swapping and closing views.

  3. Window> Next Window  and Window> Previous Window  will cycle through the open views in the order that they display at the bottom of the Windows menu.

  4. At the bottom of the Window menu, you will see all of the views currently open.  Select any view from this list to make it the active view.

    • The view with a check next to it is the active view.