1 Creating a Glass or Cable Stair Rail

Creating a custom stair railing can be easy to create in Chief Architect as you can manually draw a railing, apply a panel to it, and have it follow your stairs.

2 Creating a Landing Between Two Sets of Stairs

A landing can be created between two separate stair segments within Chief Architect.

3 Creating a Room Under a Staircase

Create a storage or utility room under stairs by using the Open Underneath setting in the Staircase Specification and drawing walls manually.

4 Creating a Stairwell

There are two ways to create a stairwell, an opening in the ceiling that allows the staircase to reach the floor above, using the automatic tools or manually.

5 Creating a T-shaped Staircase

You can draw the desired landing shape using the CAD tools and then convert it into a landing, or an easier method uses the Straight Stair tool.

6 Creating Curved or Spiral Staircases

Create curved or spiral stairs in Chief Architect. One way is to place a spiral staircase from the Library Browser, and other methods use the Stair Tools.

7 Creating Mitered or Wrap Around Stairs

You can easily create wrap-around or mitered stairs on a deck or other structure by simply dragging the stair edges to the corner where they should join.

8 Creating Stair Winders

A Stair Winder is wedge shaped-step that is narrower on one side than the other, used to change the direction of the stairs without landings.

9 Creating Stairs in Sloping Terrain

You can create stairs that follow your terrain by drawing the stairs in an area defined by Retaining Walls and snapping the stairs to landings at each end.

10 Creating Stairs with Glass or Cable Railings

Creating a custom stair railing can be created by manually drawing a railing, applying a panel to it, and setting it to follow your stairs

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