1 Adding a Bay, Bow or Box Window

Adding a bay window, box window or bow window to your design can be accomplished with the single click of a button, with Chief Architect.

2 Adding a Niche or Cutout to a Wall

Niches, or wall cut-outs, can be added to any wall in Chief Architect using this method.

3 Adding Shutters and Curtains to Windows

Adding curtains or shutters to a window in your design is fast and easy with Chief Architect

4 Controlling Door and Window Framing

The framing around a custom door and window unit can be customized in any way you choose when using Chief Architect.

5 Creating a Mulled Door and Window Unit

Combining, or mulling a custom door and window unit in your plan is easy with Chief Architect.

6 Creating a Trapezoid Shaped Window

Creating custom trapezoid windows is quite easy when using the Chief Architect window editor.

7 Creating a Window Well for an Egress

Window wells enable fast egress for any basement level window. Designing these in Chief Architect is simple and easy

8 Creating Corner Windows

Corner windows can be created using two separate windows on two separate walls. The process is easy, click here to learn more.

9 Creating Custom Muntins

Custom window designs and custom muntins offer endless possibilities for unique window glazing.

10 How to Specify a Window's Energy Ratings

You can precisely specify the energy rating for any window opening when using Chief Architect.

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