1 Adding a Bay, Bow or Box Window

Adding a bay window, box window or bow window to your design can be accomplished with the single click of a button, with Chief Architect.

2 Adding Shutters and Curtains to Windows

Adding curtains or shutters to a window in your design is fast and easy with Chief Architect

3 Creating a Mulled Door and Window Unit

Combining, or mulling a custom door and window unit in your plan is easy with Chief Architect.

4 Creating a Trapezoid Shaped Window

Creating custom trapezoid windows is quite easy when using the Chief Architect window editor.

5 Creating a Window Well for an Egress

Window wells enable fast egress for any basement level window. Designing these in Chief Architect is simple and easy

6 Creating Corner Windows

Corner windows can be created using two separate windows on two separate walls. The process is easy, click here to learn more.

7 Creating Custom Muntins

Custom window designs and custom muntins offer endless possibilities for unique window glazing.

8 Manually Creating a Box Window

Create a manual box window by drawing walls for the bump out, adjusting floor and ceiling heights, using a doorway for the opening and generating the roof.

9 Modifying a Bay, Bow or Box Window Component

Individual windows within a bay, box or bow window can be quickly selected and modified using this method.

10 Showing or Hiding Opening Indicators in Orthographic Views

Opening indicators for both doors and windows can be made visible or invisible in any section view.

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