21 Generating a Half Hip Roof Automatically

Chief Architect's roof generation tools can make create a half-hip roof easy.

22 Generating Automatic Hip and Gable Roofs

The automatic roof utility allows you to create a variety of roof designs using the Build Roof dialog and the roof directives that you can set in the Walls.

23 Joining a Barrel Roof to a Flat Roof Plane

After being drawn, the side of a curved roof plane can be joined to a side of a flat roof plane by using the Join Roof Planes edit tool.

24 Joining Curved Roof Planes

One way to create as barrel roof is to jointwo roof planes. It is best to join them before they are specified as curved.

25 Message: A roof overhang may intrude too far into a wall.

This warning message displays when a roof plane overhang is extending into a wall in your plan rather than butting against the wall's surface.

26 Message: A roof with zero length baseline was detected

If a roof baseline has a length of zero, you may receive this error message.

27 Message: Placing an automatic dormer.

Automatic Dormers have an assortment of requirements that need to be met before they can be generated correctly.

28 Raising or Lowering a Roof Plane

Change the height of a roof plane by specifying a new baseline height or by using the Transform Replicate Object tool.

29 Removing the Roof Pitch Indicators from Perimeter Walls

Removing roof pitch indicators is easy within Home Designer Pro and Chief Architect Products.

30 Turning on the Display of Roof Intersection Points

You can locate roof plane intersection points where the ridge, hip or valley should be by turning on the preference Automatically Place Roof Intersection Points