Adding Glass Shelves to a Cabinet in X5 and earlier versions

Reference Number: KB-00072
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I need to specify glass shelving in my cabinet. Is there a way that I can do this?


In X6 and newer versions, you can specify the shelving material by using the Materials panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog. 

However, in X5 and prior products there is no entry under the Materials tab for the shelves, so if you need to change the material of the shelving to be different from the rest of the cabinet, you will need to manually create shelving, which can be modified independently of the rest of the cabinet.


To follow along with this example we recommend starting a New Plan and placing a single Full Height Cabinet . Once you have done this, move on to the steps below.

To specify the opening

  1. First, select the cabinet using the Select Objects  tool and click Open Object .

  2. On the Front tab click one of the doors on the preview and click Delete to remove it, leaving an opening in its place.  Repeat this process for the second door, as well as one of the two remaining openings, leaving you with three items: one Opening, and two Separations, one above and one below.

  3. With the Opening selected, click Specify Shelves

  4.  Select Manual and set the number of shelves to 0.


Drawing the shelves

  1. Click Build> Cabinet> Shelf  and in Floor Plan view, click to place the shelf in front of your cabinet.

  2. Select the Pt-to-Pt Move edit tool, click on the back-left corner of the shelf, then again on the back-left corner of the cabinet to fit it inside the cabinet.

    Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to allow for unrestricted movement, then move and resize the shelf into position over the Full Height cabinet in floor plan view.

  3. With the shelf still selected, click Open Object  to display the Shelf Specification dialog.

  4. On the General tab, set the Width to 22" and make any other adjustments to the shelf thickness and depth. 

    In this example we set the Floor to Bottom to 14 1/2" to make it the bottom shelf with a 10" space below it.

  5. Select the Materials tab, click on Shelf to highlight it, then click on the Library Material button to display the Select Library Object dialog, where you can find an appropriate material, then click OK.

    In this example, we will browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Materials> Glass & Glazing> Transparent Glass> Glass Standard material.

  6. Click OK again to close the Shelf Specification dialog and apply this change.

  7. Now Click 3D> Create Orthographic View> Cross Section/Elevation  and create an elevation of the front of the cabinet.

  8. Click Multiple Copy Interval edit tool, and set the Primary Offset in the dialog, then click OK.

    For the purposes of our example below, we will use 10" to match out previous settings.

  9. Left-click the shelf and drag upward to create copies of the shelf.


Your cabinet can now be blocked into an architectural block or converted to a symbol.