Creating a Monogram for an Entry Door

Reference Number: KB-00406
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


Storm doors can often be customized by putting the initials of the family that owns the house. How do I accomplish this?


In this article, you will create the monogram by using a 3D Text symbol for the initial, and a a circular medallion for the initial’s background.

To create the monogram

  1. In an empty area on your plan, select Build> Wall> Straight Exterior Wall  and drag a short section of wall so that you will have something to design your medallion against.  

  2. Use the Backclipped Cross Section  camera, place the cursor in front of the wall and drag a short line through the wall to create a view of the wall.  

  3. In the Cross Section view, go to your menu bar and select CAD> Circles> Circle .   

  4. Use the Circle  tool to create a circle against the backdrop of the wall.  

    Place it about five feet above the bottom of the wall, which is approximately where it will be placed when put up against the exterior door.  

  5. With the Select Objects  tool, select the circle and choose the Open Object  edit button.  

  6. On the General panel of the Circle Specification dialog, in the Size section, change its Diameter to 8”.

  7. Click OK to apply this change and exit the Circle Specification dialog.  

To turn the CAD Circle into a 3D object

  1. With the circle still selected, click the Convert Curve to Polyline  button on the Edit toolbar.  

    • This begins the process of turning the circle into a 3D object.

  2. You are then asked to choose the number of sides to the polyline, change this to 24 sides to make a fairly smooth circular polyline.  

  3. The polyline now looks like this:  

  4. With the polyline still selected, click the Convert Polyline  button on the Edit toolbar.  

  5. Choose to convert to a Polyline Solid and click OK.  

  6. On the General panel of the Polyline Solid Specification dialog that displays, choose a Thickness of ½”.  

  7. Go to the Materials panel to choose a color for the medallion.  

    For the purposes of this example, a dark grey color of "Coal" was used.

  8. Click OK to apply these changes and exit the Polyline Solid Specification dialog.  

To return to floor plan

  1. Select the Window menu and click on the Floor Plan to return to plan view from the Cross Section.

  2. The medallion polyline solid is up against the wall segment. 

  3. Using the Select Objects  arrow tool, select the wall segment and delete it as you no longer need it as a reference point.  

To create the Initial for the Monogram

  1. Open the Library Browser  by going to View> Library Browser

  2. Select Chief Architect Bonus Catalogs> 3D Text> Letters> Standing> Uppercase> 'N' - 'Z' 

    If you haven't already downloaded and imported the 3D Text bonus catalog, you can do so from the Catalog Downloads section of our websiteso long as your Support and Software Assurance is current.

  3. For the purposes of this example, choose the uppercase standing letter ‘S’ and click just in front of the medallion in the plan to place the letter.

  4. Using the Select Objects  tool, select the letter C and choose the Open Object  edit tool to display the Geometric Shape Specification dialog.  

  5. On the General panel:  

    Try to keep the proportions similar to the original, make the letter about ¼ its original size, so that it will fit comfortably in the 8” medallion.  

    • Set the Height to 6”  

    • Set the Width to 5”  

    • Set the Depth to 1” 

    • Set the Floor to Bottom measurement to 59 1/4”   

  6. Go to the Materials panel to set the appropriate material for the C.  

    For the purposes of this example, choose the material "Bronze Brushed." 

  7. Click OK to apply these changes and exit the dialog.  

To position the Medallion

  1. With the letter S still selected, drag it up so that it is flush to the medallion.  

    If it snaps into the medallion so that just a bit of the letter shows in front of the medallion, that is just the effect you want.  

    The two items are now properly aligned in plan view.  

  2. Select the Window menu and return to the Cross Section view.   

  3. In the Cross Section view, select the Letter S and drag it to the center of the medallion.  

    You may find it helpful to use the full-screen cross hair cursor to line things up. This setting can be turned on in Edit> Preferences> Edit> Cross Hair> Enable in Plan and Cross Section/Elevation Views. Also, holding down the Control or Command key while dragging will disable the bumping/snapping feature allowing you free movement.

  4. Once the letter S is centered on the medallion, return to plan view and using the Select Objects  tool, select it.

  5. While holding the Shift key on your keyboard down, click to select the medallion as well so that both of these items have been group selected.  

  6. Click the Make Architectural Block  button on the Edit toolbar to group together the two parts of the monogram.  

To specify a label for the medallion

  1. With the block still selected, click the Open Object  button to display the Architectural Block Specification dialog and edit the block.  

  2. Go to the Label panel and check Specify Label.

  3. Call the label ‘Monogram – letter S’.  

  4. Click OK to apply these changes and exit the Architectural Block Specification dialog.  

To add the symbol to the Library Browser

  1. With the block still selected, click the Add to Library  edit button to place the monogram directly into the Library Browser.   

  2. You can right click on it to select it and choose Rename to name it to Monogram - letter S

  3. You may want to even create a folder in your User Catalog for monograms such as this one.