Making a Walkthrough Composed of Final View Renderings

Reference Number: KB-00514
Last Modified: December 15, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to create a walkthrough, but I would like the resulting movie file to be composed of Final View renderings, instead of previews. How do I do this?


With the exception of Vector Views, 3D views are generated using the Preview settings in the Preferences dialog. Rather than produce the best quality possible, the installed settings for Previews generate 3D views quickly but with reasonable quality, and are best when working on the model in 3D.

Final Views produce much higher quality images that are more suitable for printing or saving as graphics files. Final Views often take significantly longer to generate than Previews, so the 3D view reverts back to the Preview settings as soon as anything is changed within the view.

Walkthroughs use camera views generated using the Preview Options of Preferences. To create a walkthrough using Final View settings we need to update the Preview Options to match the Final View Options.


To set up Preferences for final views

  1. Select Edit> Preferences  from the menu if you are on a Windows PC, or select Chief Architect> Preferences   if you are on a Mac

  2. On the Render panel of the Preferences dialog, make note of the Preview Options settings.


  3. Next, adjust the Preview Options:

  • Place a checkmark next to Reflections in Mirrors.

  • Set the Software Edge Smoothing 80%.  

  • Check Show Shadows.

  • Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog.

  • Note: Remember that the settings in the Preferences dialog are global, affecting all plan files, so you may want to return these values back to their regular defaults after your Walkthrough is completed.
  • To create a walkthrough path

    1. From the menu select 3D> Walkthroughs> Create Walkthrough Path .

    2. Click and drag to create the walkthrough path.

      Please visit KB-02021: Using Walkthrough Paths to review how to add key frames using the Walkthrough Along Path tool.

    3. Once the path is created and desired key frames added select the walkthrough path in plan view and then click the Record Walkthrough Along Path tool.

    4. In the Save Video As dialog, choose a location to save the video file, give it a name, and then click Save.

    5. In the Walkthrough Options dialog specify the desired settings and click OK.

      • Frames Per Second - Input a value of 0-100. More frames per second will result in higher quality video, however, it also increases the file size. 30 is recommended.
      • Duration Along Path - Shows how long it will take to get from the start to the end of the Walkthrough path
      • Total Frames to Record - Shows for reference and equals the Frames Per Second multiplied by the Duration.
      • Compression - 0% mean there is no compression of the video, however, this will result in high file sizes. 75% compression is recommended.
      • Render Technique - Leave this as Standard to create the Final View Walkthrough.

    To play a walkthrough

    1. Select 3D> Walkthroughs> Play Walkthrough

    2. Browse to where you chose to save the video file. Select the video and click Open.

    3. The video will open in your default Media Player.

      Note: If you experience trouble playing your video, then it is recommended you try a different video codec. You can change the default video codec in Preferences. Please review article KB-00076: Specifying What Video Codecs to use for Walkthroughs linked below for more information on codecs.