Displaying Opening Indicators in Orthographic Views

Reference Number: KB-00536
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I show or hide the opening indicators on doors and windows in orthographic views?


Door, window and cabinet door opening indicators can be displayed in Orthographic Views by turning on their display in 3D views. 

To display opening indicators in Orthographic Views 

  1. From the menu, select 3D> Create Orthographic View> Cross Section/Elevation , then click and drag a camera arrow directly towards a door, window or cabinet in your plan.

  2. Select Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options  from the menu.

    • In Chief Architect X5 and prior, navigate to Tools> Display Settings> Display Options.

  3. In the Layer Display Options dialog, turn on the display of the Opening Indicators layer by putting a check in the Disp column for that layer.

  4. Click the OK button to close the dialog and enable the display of opening indicators in vector views.

  5. If a window does not display an opening indicator, it is not a window type that opens in a left/right manner.

    You can specify a window type such as Single Casement, which does open to the left or right, on the General panel of the Window Specification dialog.

  6. If you are having difficulty seeing the opening indicator, select View> Color  to toggle the view to black and white. 

    • In Chief Architect X5 and prior, navigate to Tools> Display Settings> Color Off