Restoring a Column in the Components Dialog

Reference Number: KB-00629
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to X5 and prior:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I cannot find the Code column in the Components dialog. It seems to have disappeared - how can I get it back?


It is not possible to remove or add new columns to the Components dialog. If a column such as the Code column appears to be missing, it has been resized so that it can't be seen and simply needs to be resized again.

To restore a missing Components dialog column

  1. Open the Chief Architect plan in which you would like to display the Code column of the Components dialog or select File> New Plan from the menu to open a new plan.

    • Changes made to the widths of the columns of the Components dialog are global, affecting all Components dialogs, regardless of the type of object selected, in all plan files.

    • If you opened a new, blank plan, you will need to place an object with a Components dialog. A cabinet is an example of an object to place quickly; however, walls, doors, windows, and furniture objects can also be used.

  2. Click on the Select Objects tool, then click on the cabinet or other object to select it.

  3. With the object selected, click the Components edit button to open the Components dialog.

  4. Scroll to the right until you come to the expected location of the missing column.

  5. Notice the small, horizontal lines that separate the columns from each other in the top row of the dialog box.

    • If you place your cursor over one of these lines, it will turn into a double-sided horizontal arrow.

    • With the double-sided arrow displaying on your cursor, click and drag the edge of the column to the left or right to resize the column to the left of that edge.

    • Only the column to the left of the selected edge will be resized, so if you cannot see the Code column and wish to make it visible again, click and drag the edge to the left of the Size column.

    • When you are satisfied with the display of the columns, click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes globally.