Locating 3D Symbols to Import into Chief Architect

Reference Number: KB-00640
Last Modified: December 16, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to obtain some free 3D 3DS, SKP, OBJ, DXF and DWG files to import into Chief Architect and use as 3D symbols in my plans. Where can I obtain these types of symbol files, free of charge?


3DS, SKP, OBJ, STL, DAE, as well as DXF and DWG files can be obtained both free of charge, and for a fee, from a number of sources on the Internet. The following are just a few of the distributors of 3D models that provide symbols which can be imported, used, and added to the Chief Architect Library.

Visit the web sites listed below to download free symbol files.

  • Chief Architect Catalog and Content Resources
    Chief Architect allows current version customers to download and install additional content for free and more content with purchase of Support and Software Assurance.

  • Chief Architect's ChiefTalk User Forum
    Our free online user's forum, ChiefTalk, provides a Symbols & Content section for registered users to post symbols that they have created, links to third party websites where they have obtained objects for use in their Chief Architect plans, or request symbols from other Chief Architect users.

  • Other Content Resources
    On our website at the link above, Chief Architect provides a list of individuals and companies who are known to provide third party symbols which can be used in the Chief Architect programs. There you will find links to additional websites that provide content such as fixtures, furnishings, backdrops, materials, etc.

    Chief Architect provides the links in this article for information only. We in no way endorse or support the use of any symbols obtained from these third party sources. The links were tested at the time of the writing of this article, but we cannot guarantee the ongoing reliability of links to third party websites The links lead to websites that hold content that may be usable in Chief Architect, however, Chief Architect cannot be responsible for the content found on these Web sites. Some editing of models in 3rd party software may be required. Also, the extremely high face counts found in many of these symbols will severely increase rendering times.

  • Trimble's 3D Warehouse
    Trimble's free online 3D Warehouse provides wide variety of models for free download, including many manufacturers such as Whirlpool®, Kohler®, GE Appliances® and KraftMaid®.
    These symbols can also be opened and edited in SketchUp to allow for further customization.

    Note: Sketchup files are not compatible with the X6 Mac version of Chief Architect. However, if you have imported a SKP file into the Windows version of Chief Architect you can export the item from your library as a Chief Architect Library File and then import it into the Mac version. Alternatively, you can open the SKP file in Sketchup and Export as a 3DS or DAE file type to import into Chief Architect.

Most types of custom symbol objects such as cabinet combinations, doors, windows, electrical objects such as lights and nearly any object that you can imagine can also be created in the software itself using the existing tools and objects in the program. To learn more, see the Related Articles section below.