Adding Date and Time Stamps to Plan and Layout Files

Reference Number: KB-00663
Last Modified: December 22, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to configure my plan and layout files to include the date and time of printing so that I can tell at a glance which is the most recent version. How can this be accomplished in Chief Architect?


Time and date stamps can be easily added to plan and layout files using text macros. Time and date macros are formulas which update automatically based on your Windows system clock, so you do not need to manually update them.   

To add date and time stamps

  1. Open the plan in which you would like to add a time or date stamp.  

  2. Begin by adding a text item to your plan or layout. Select CAD> Text> Text  or CAD> Text> Rich Text and click once in the plan at the location where you would like to add your the time and date stamp.  

  3. In the Text Specification dialog, click the arrow button beside Insert: to display a menu of text macros.

    In the Rich Text Specification dialog, click on the Insert Macro  button to display a menu of text macros.

  4. From the menu, go to Global> Time Date and select each of the four date and time macros: Short Date; Long Date; 24 Hour Time; and AM/PM Time. Insert a few spaces between each so that they can be clearly distinguished when the text object is created.  

  5. Click the OK button to close the dialog and place the text object in your plan or layout file.  

  6. Review the date and time formats and decide which best suit your needs.

    These time and date macros update automatically whenever the text object is opened for specification. Additionally, they will update when the file is printed and will display the date and time of printing.