Defining Corner Boards and Quoin Materials

Reference Number: KB-00680
Last Modified: June 22, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier


I would like to define the default materials for my corner boards and quoins. How is this accomplished?

house with corner boards and quoins


In Chief Architect, the default materials for corner boards can be quickly and easily specified in the Corner Board Defaults dialog.

To set the default materials for corner boards and quoins

  1. Select Edit> Default Settings .

  2. Expand the list for Corner Trim, highlight Corner Boards, then click on the Edit button.

  3. In the Corner Board Defaults dialog:

  • Select the Materials panel, and click on Wall Corner Board

  • Click on the Select Material button to display the Select Material dialog, navigate to an appropriate material to select it, and click OK

  • Click OK to apply this change and now any corner boards that you apply to your plan will use this material.

  • Repeat this same basic process for Quoins.

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