Deleting the Grey X's that Display when Modifying Roof Planes

Reference Number: KB-00681
Last Modified: August 5, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier

Home Designer Professional


Chief Architect automatically adds a number of grey X's to my plan. This happens on a regular basis, especially when I am performing tasks like editing roof planes or working with CAD objects. What are these X's and how do I get rid of them?


The grey 's that appear are temporary points that Chief Architect has added to your roof plan, which indicate intersection points for the roof planes in your plan.

In Chief Architect X3 and newer, you can prevent these temporary points from being generated.

To suppress temporary CAD points on roofs

  1. Select Edit> Preferences  from the menu.

    On a Mac, select Chief Architect> Preferences

  2. On the Architectural panel of the Preferences dialog, uncheck Automatically Place Roof Intersection Points, then click OK

    Note that this will prevent Roof Intersection Points from generating in the future, but will not remove points that may be already present.

From the menu select CAD> Points> Delete Temporary Points  to remove all temporary points from your drawing. 

Note: You can also press the Delete key on your keyboard, when nothing is selected, in order to delete the points one at a time; however, the Delete Temporary Points tool can save time when there are many points to remove.