Using the MEP Toolbar Configuration

Reference Number: KB-00811
Last Modified: March 31, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier


What is the MEP Configuration?


The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Configuration is a toolbar configuration that provides convenient access to tools customized for mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings.

 This toolbar offers a variety of different line styles accessed from the library for HVAC, plumbing and electrical detail work as well as toolbar buttons that place specific library fixtures. Along with these special toolbar buttons, there are standard buttons for drawing walls, placing electrical objects, adding dimensions, text and a few others..

There are a number of ways to enable the MEP toolbar configuration.

  • Click the MEP Configuration toolbar button.

  • Right-click on any toolbar and select Toolbar Configurations> MEP Configuration from the contextual menu.

  • Or switch to the MEP Configuration in the Toolbar Customization dialog.

To select a toolbar configuration in the Toolbar Customization dialog

  1. Select Tools> Toolbars & Hotkeys> Customize Toolbars  from the menu.   

  2. On the Configurations panel of the Toolbar Customization dialog: 

    • Select MEP Configuration from the list of configurations on the left.

    • Click the Switch To button. 

    • When you close the dialog box, you will see that the toolbar has changed to the MEP Configuration. 

On the MEP toolbar configuration, the buttons that allow you to draw a particular CAD line or place a fixture from the library were created using the Place Library Object  tool and can be customized to place a fixture other than the one that is pre-programmed.   

  • In this example, we will change the Place Elongated Toilet  button to place a different toilet from the library.

To use the Place Library Object tool

  1. Double-click the Place Elongated Toilet  button to open the Library Object Button Specification dialog. 

  2. Click the Library button to open the Select Library Object dialog. 

    • Navigate through the library to the toilet you want to place using this tool. 

    • In this example, we have selected the ADA toilet.

  3. Click OK to return to the Library Object Button Specification dialog, then click OK again to return to your plan.

You can also add additional Place Library Object toolbar buttons for other objects, such as a GFCI outlet.