Message: You must first create and then select a polyline or spline to use as your path to record a walk-through.

Reference Number: KB-00975
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to Chief Architect X4 and prior:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


Every time I try to use the Record Walkthrough Along Path tool, this message appears:

"You must first create and then select a polyline or spline to use as your path to record a walk-through."

What am I doing wrong?


This Information message displays when you select 3D> Walkthroughs> Record Walkthrough Along Path but do not have a CAD object that will serve as the path selected.

The Record Walkthrough Along Path tool lets you record a walk-through video that follows a pre-defined path. In order to use this tool, you must first define that path using the CAD tools, and then select the path. With the path selected, Record Walkthrough Along Path can be used.


To record a walkthrough along a path

  1. Using CAD tools such as Lines , Arcs , or Splines , draw a path in floor plan view that travels through a single floor of your plan.

  2. Select the polyline or spline path.

  3. Click the Record Walkthrough Along Path  edit button or select 3D> Walkthroughs> Record Walkthrough Along Path from the menu.

    • An Information message displays, reminding you that while a walkthrough is being recorded along a path, you should avoid using your computer.

  4. In the Save Video As dialog which comes up next browse to the location where you would like to save your walkthrough video then press the "Save" button.

  5. In the Walkthrough Options dialog:

    • Specify the desired number of Frames Per Second, between 1 and 100. A higher number results in a higher quality recording but also a larger .avi file.

    • Specify a Duration Along Path, in seconds.

    • The Total Frames to Record equals the Frames Per Second times the Duration along Path.

    • Specify a Compression percentage between 0 and 100. A value of 0 gives the highest quality images and largest file sizes. 

    • From the drop-down list, select the Rendering Technique you would like the walkthrough to use. 

    • Click OK.

  6. To cancel the recording as it is being created, press the ESC key on your keyboard.

  7. When the walkthrough is complete, it will save to the location specified.