Specifying a Window's Energy Ratings in X5 and earlier

Reference Number: KB-01074
Last Modified: March 29, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier

I typically choose windows with different performance ratings suited for the exact location where they will be placed. How can I assign this information to the windows in my drawing so it is included in the windows schedule

In Chief Architect Premier X6 or newer, you can now directly modify the Energy Values of various objects including Windows.

For more information see Knowledge Base article KB-02853: Exporting your Drawings to REScheck .

You can add specific information about a window - such as its manufacturer, catalog code, and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label information - using the Components dialog. 

To add information to a window's components

  1. Open the plan in which you have windows that you want to add performance information to.

  2. Select Edit> Preferences from the menu and go to the Categories panel of the Preferences dialog.

    • Click on Windows in the list of Categories.

    • Click the Add button to create a new window subcategory.

    • In the Subcategory dialog, type the name as it will be seen in the Materials List and in Window Schedules.

    • In this example, a subcategory for each of the five ratings categories found on the NFRC Label is created.

  3. Click the Select Objects button, then click on a window to select it and click the Components edit button.

  4. In the Components dialog:

    • Click the Add button once for each new window subcategory that you wish to include in your Window Schedule. The new accessories will be added to the "Windows" category.

    • Click in the Sub Category field for the first accessory, then click the drop-down arrow and select one of the available window subcategories.

    • Click in the Description field and then type the information associated with the selected subcategory.

    • If you want to use this information in a Window Schedule but do not want it listed as a line item in the Materials List, click in the Use column to remove the check-mark from the field.

    • Repeat these three steps for each of the newly added accessories.

    • When you are finished, click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes.

  5. With the window still selected, click the Add to Library edit button to save a copy of the window, along with its customized Components information, in the Library Browser for future use.

To create a window schedule

  1. Select CAD> CAD Detail Management from the menu. In the CAD Detail Management dialog:

    • Click the New button.

    • Type a short, descriptive name for the CAD Detail window where Window Schedules will be saved and click OK.

      Note: CAD Detail windows are an excellent place to organize detail drawings, schedules, legends, and other 2D information related to a project.

  2. With the new CAD Detail window active, select Tools> Schedules> Window Schedule from the menu, then click once to place a schedule at that location.

  3. Click the Select Objects tool, then click on the schedule to select it and click the Open Object edit button. On the General panel of the Window Schedule Specification dialog:

    • Modify the selected window schedule's Title to describe its particular purpose.

    • Select your new custom window subcategories in the list of Available Columns and click Add => to add them to the Columns to Include list.

    • If there are any columns that you don't need in the schedule, select them and click Remove.