Chief Architect Academic X3 Network Installation Instructions

Reference Number: KB-01145
Last Modified: December 22, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier


I need instructions on how to install the Chief Architect Academic X3 Network license for Chief Architect, but cannot locate my Network Installation Instructions booklet that came with my program disc.  Where else can I find this information?


The Chief Architect X3 Academic Installation Guide that was included in your program DVD case is available online at

An additional document, the Chief Architect X3 Academic Data Management Guide, discusses important considerations for deploying in an academic network environment. It is available at


Since Version X3, a number of significant improvements and enhancements have been introduced to Chief Architect that directly affect network installation and deployment. 

These changes make the task of installing in a school environment considerably easier, so we recommend upgrading your Version X3 licenses to the latest program version.

To learn more about upgrading Academic license of Chief Architect software, see