Transferring Images and PDF Plan Sets to my iPad

Reference Number: KB-01896
Last Modified: March 29, 2016

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Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to put images and PDF files of my Chief Architect plans on my iPad so that my clients can view them.  How can I accomplish this task? 


Although Chief Architect cannot run on an iPad directly, you can export images of your renderings, ray traces, or floor plans and place them in Photos on your iPad.  You can also transfer files you have printed to PDF, such as plan sets created from your layouts, into your iBooks.

If you are unfamiliar with exporting images, or creating PDF files, please review these additional online Help Database articles first.

Before you begin, in order to transfer your files easily to your iPad, you will want to download and install iTunes from Apple's website on to your Chief Architect computer, if you haven't already done so.

Once iTunes is installed, on a Windows computer, add the Books option so that it is visible on the left of your iTunes window under Library. If you are on a Mac, instead you will need to install iBooks.

To add Books

  1. In iTunes, select Ellipses > Edit and then check  Books and click Done and you will now see Books displayed next to your movies, music, and TV shows.

To copy the PDF files from your computer to the iPad

  1. Connect your iPad to the computer, and once it is recognized by Windows, open your File Explorer and click on your Computer.  Notice that under Portable Devices or Devices and drives, the Apple iPad is listed.

  2. Now that your iPad has been connected, launch iTunes if it is not already open, and select Books from where we added it earlier and click the My PDFs tab that you see near the top of your screen.

  3. Within Windows, navigate to a PDF that you would like to add to your iPad.

  4. Select the PDF, then click and drag the PDF over in to iTunes within the My PDFs tab of Books and wait while the file is copied over. You can select multiple PDFs and copy them at the same time. If you are on a Mac, instead you need to add your PDFs to the iBooks application. Open iBooks, select a PDF, then click and drag that PDF into iBooks and it will appear in iTunes.

  5. Next, within iTunes, click on the iPad icon, then select Books.

  6. Check Sync Books near the top of the iTunes window, then click Apply near the bottom.

  7. Once your iTunes is synced, you can click on the iBooks icon on your Apple iPad to see the available PDF files.

  8. Select a PDF file to view it, and you can swipe through the available pages in the file.

Now that you understand how to put PDF files such as plan sets on to the iPad, you are ready to sync your image files.

To copy the image files from your computer to the iPad

  1. Within Windows, create a new folder in an easy to find location and add any photos to that folder that you wish to copy onto your iPad.

  2. In iTunes, click on the iPad icon, then select Photos.

  3. Place a checkmark next to Sync Photos from, then use the drop-down menu to select Choose Folder.

  4. Navigate to the new folder you created with the pictures you want to copy onto your iPad, select it and click Select Folder.

  5. Next, click the Apply button.

  6. Once iTunes has finished syncing the folder containing your images, on the iPad, you can click on the Photos icon on your Apple iPad to see the available image files.

  7. Select an image to see it larger on the screen to show off to your clients.

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