User Group Meeting 2017

Once every two years, Chief Architect hosts a Chief Academy in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (Chief Architect headquarters). The event includes a 1-day User Group Meeting with in-depth seminars on specific topics followed by a 2-day Training Class from Introductory to Advanced. For 2017, we had a selection of power users that presented a number of topics at the User Group Meeting to help you learn from their best practices. This playlist contains their videos for the event.

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Virtual Reality & 3D for Your Design Business

Learn how to incorporate virtual reality through panorama renderings viewable with VR goggles, export designs as an entire 3D model with the same 3D navigation tools you have in Chief Architect plus Sojourn VR navigation. Learn how to email, share or embed on your website both the 360 renderings and 3D Viewer models and get a sneak peak of the new VR capabilities in a future version of Chief Architect.

Video No. 1968



Rendering: 360° Rendering, Render Styles & Settings, Ray Trace by Adrean Stephenson

From the 2017 User Group Meeting Breakout Sessions. Consider tools to improve your presentation, design, and communication methods using Chief Architect. Leverage layer sets, line weights, interactive views, rendering techniques and other features in Chief Architect to develop methodology and personal branding in the designs you share.

Video No. 1964


3 Videos

Productivity Tips, Annotation Sets, Layer Sets & Power Tools By Scott Harris

To be productive with Chief Architect, learn to use both Annotation and Layer Sets. Other productivity tips include: turn off contextual menus, control key override, center tool, right click to curve objects, continuous draw mode, hotkeys, array copy, concentric resize, math in dialogs, using tab to precisely move, roof intersection points, and assign a library item to a tool button.

Video No. 143



Material Properties by Dustin Cruz

From the 2017 User Group Meeting Breakout Sessions. Ramp up your render quality with a deep dive on Material Properties and settings. Ranging from vector views to normal maps, learn what goes where and why while we walk the line between efficiency and photorealism. Topics range from a panel by panel material breakdown to time saving tips and tricks.

Video No. 1965



Roofs & Dormers - All the Stuff You Need to Know by Wendy Welton

Wendy Welton is an architect that is particularly talented with roof and dormer tools. In her seminar, you will learn how to use Chief's various features to efficiently and predictably model the roof you need.

Video No. 1958



Creating a Successful Workflow for Design & Construction Document Production by Jared Baehmer

Optimize workflow with file organization, using the cloud, templates, plan databases, macros, annotation sets and checklists. Learn how to apply these concepts to your process in this presentation by Jared Baehmer.

Video No. 1963



The Ups and Downs of Terrains by Sandi Adams

Sandi Adams owns an architectural design firm and has been a designer for over 28 years. In this seminar, she will help you understand how and why you should take the time to accurately model terrain, how to use actual data to build the terrain (from a surveyor file or a topo image), the different techniques to input the terrain data, how to best use the terrain modifiers to shape the terrain and house positioning on sloping lots. The outcome: realistic 3D views, accurate elevations and how everyone benefits when the terrain is accurate.

Video No. 1961



Want to be Faster at Measuring a Remodel Project by Dan Baumann

Learn the "how-to" process to measure as-builts from Dan Baumann of ChiefExperts. Over the years, Dan has developed proven techniques to accurately measure as-builts in the least amount of time while covering all the key information required for the next phase of the project – measurements, photos, platform heights, hidden conditions. Often remodel projects produce unexpected surprises and with his thorough process, you can minimize the number of unknowns with an as-built. Dan will share the details of his sequence of steps he uses in the field to help you learn from his experience.

Video No. 1966



Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Kitchen and Bath Design by Adam Gibson

Learn best practices, tips and tricks for Kitchen & Bath Design from Adam Gibson a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer. How to detail Wall Elevations, use Cabinet Defaults to save time, where to attach moldings, door styles, when to ray trace vs. watercolor/line drawing, best angles for cameras and, how not to confuse the contractor.

Video No. 1960



Remodeling - Tech Options for Measuring As-Builts by Stephen Gross

When is it best to use a Bluetooth laser with the mobile Room Planner app to import in Chief Architect vs. using Chief Architect in the field via a laptop or Microsoft Surface? Scope of work, project complexity and level of qualification of the customer are all part of choosing the best approach. Stephen Gross will share his process, tips, techniques and the technology in gathering as-built data.

Video No. 1967



Process for Creating New Plans Using the Save As Method 'SAM' by D. Scott Hall

When Scott Hall first began using Chief Architect, the most important aspect to him was how to put a set of plans together quickly and efficiently. He developed a systematic approach using a Save as method 'SAM', Layer Sets and Reference Sets. This video focuses on the process of developing your own efficient system, rather than a "how-to" for this Save As method.

Video No. 1959

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