Layout Templates

Layout Templates

Video No. 161

A layout file is equivalent to a construction document, wherein it contains text, schedules, CAD details, and scaled views. It can also consist of a title page, a title border, designer and/or company information, and other details that may stay the same from project to project. Save time by creating a customized layout template that can be used for projects going forward.

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28:17 Help & User Interface

Help & User Interface

13:04 Preferences


16:04 Defaults


8:49 File Management

File Management

18:53 Drawing in Chief Architect

Drawing in Chief Architect

34:07 Drawing Walls & Dimensioning

Drawing Walls & Dimensioning

12:44 Multiple Floors

Multiple Floors

44:14 Stairs


31:05 Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

25:05 Decks & Porches

Decks & Porches

55:19 Roofs


9:21 Dormers


36:40 Materials


14:44 Room Moldings & Interior Furnishings

Room Moldings & Interior Furnishings

13:58 Cabinet Styles

Cabinet Styles

17:14 Placing Cabinets

Placing Cabinets

9:43 Placing Appliances

Placing Appliances

16:11 Lighting & Electrical

Lighting & Electrical

11:04 Framing


9:59 Terrain


45:26 Layout Templates

Layout Templates

1:50:51 Sending Views to Layout

Sending Views to Layout