Sending Views to Layout

Sending Views to Layout

Video No. 162

Scaled views are sent from a plan file to a layout file using the Send to Layout tool. Learn how to send elevation views, plan views, camera views, as well as schedules and other content, directly to the layout. When the layout is complete, generate a PDF file or send the layout file to a printer or plotter.

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28:17 Help & User Interface

Help & User Interface

13:04 Preferences


16:04 Defaults


8:49 File Management

File Management

18:53 Drawing in Chief Architect

Drawing in Chief Architect

34:07 Drawing Walls & Dimensioning

Drawing Walls & Dimensioning

12:44 Multiple Floors

Multiple Floors

44:14 Stairs


31:05 Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

25:05 Decks & Porches

Decks & Porches

55:19 Roofs


9:21 Dormers


36:40 Materials


14:44 Room Moldings & Interior Furnishings

Room Moldings & Interior Furnishings

13:58 Cabinet Styles

Cabinet Styles

17:14 Placing Cabinets

Placing Cabinets

9:43 Placing Appliances

Placing Appliances

16:11 Lighting & Electrical

Lighting & Electrical

11:04 Framing


9:59 Terrain


45:26 Layout Templates

Layout Templates

1:50:51 Sending Views to Layout

Sending Views to Layout