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Virtual Reality & 3D for Your Design Business


Rendering: 360° Rendering, Render Styles & Settings, Ray Trace by Adrean Stephenson

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Productivity Tips, Annotation Sets, Layer Sets & Power Tools By Scott Harris


Material Properties by Dustin Cruz


Roofs & Dormers - All the Stuff You Need to Know by Wendy Welton


Creating a Successful Workflow for Design & Construction Document Production by Jared Baehmer


The Ups and Downs of Terrains by Sandi Adams


Want to be Faster at Measuring a Remodel Project by Dan Baumann


Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for Kitchen and Bath Design by Adam Gibson


Remodeling - Tech Options for Measuring As-Builts by Stephen Gross


Process for Creating New Plans Using the Save As Method 'SAM' by D. Scott Hall

Video No. 1968

Learn how to incorporate virtual reality through panorama renderings viewable with VR goggles, export designs as an entire 3D model with the same 3D navigation tools you have in Chief Architect plus Sojourn VR navigation. Learn how to email, share or embed on your website both the 360 renderings and 3D Viewer models and get a sneak peak of the new VR capabilities in a future version of Chief Architect.