Chief Architect Supports the NKBA

  • » NKBA Exam Certification

    Use Chief Architect to take your NKBA exam. Check the NKBA for schedule information. Chief Architect offers a complementary exam version of its software for members that are signed up for the exam.

    Chief Architect offers online NKBA tips and techniques training classes for those taking the NKBA certification exam. Since the NKBA requires Chief Architect to disable some features, we address how to best accomplish the exam given your time constraints. These classes are designed to help you prepare for the NKBA exam using Chief Architect software and covers a variety of productivity topics: floor plans, cabinets, elevations, layers, legends, electrical, mechanical and dimensioning. These classes are available to view at anytime on our Online Training Video webpage.
  • » Free Chief Architect NKBA Student Copy

    Chief Architect Student Copy For Non-Accredited NKBA School – $95
  • » Accredited NKBA Education Sponsor

    Chief Architect sponsors NKBA Accredited educational programs:
    • » Free Lab Version for Accredited NKBA Colleges. Hardware Lock Security and Shipping Fees will apply. Call our sales department for more information: 208.292.3400