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Elevation Tools

Create interior and exterior elevations — toggle color on/off, add dimensions, change line weights, and callout text. Any changes you make to an Elevation view are automatically linked and synchronized to the model. Use a Cross-Section or a Back-Clipped Cross Section for detailed views.

CAD Residential Details

CAD Details for residential structural elements — architecturally correct and scaled. There are detailed assemblies for floors, roofs, decks, walls and foundations. Import your own existing CAD Details or from manufacturers for your construction drawings.

Import CAD Tools

Create wall elevation views with Cross-Section and Wall Elevation camera tools — including automatic Room Elevations. Add dimensions and callout text. Display individual wall details for framing or structural information.

Wall Elevation Tools

Easily import CAD files, such as AutoCAD®, including DWG and DXF. Use the CAD-TO-WALLS tool to import and convert CAD files into a 3D model. Use the layers to map CAD lines into walls, windows, and doors.

Automatic Materials List

Automatic framing tools quickly create the framing, which can be manually edited. Walls and platforms are framed based on wall thickness. Choose metal, wood, I-joist, or glulam beams for your walls. Truss Framing tools are included for floors and roofs.

Electrical Plans

Create Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing plans. Automatically place electrical items for each room such as switches and outlets. Assign lighting properties, connect circuits, and dimension your electrical plan. Use Layers to display only items you need, such as the Electrical and Walls. Control the line weights and colors of your design by Layer.

Automatic Framing Tools

As you design your model, all views and layers can be defined to create scaled Construction Documents with our Layout tools. Every view is linked to the model ensuring changes in floor plans, elevations, cross-sections or CAD Details are always accurate.

Scaled Construction Documents

As you design your model, all materials that are automatically generated in the materials list — doors, windows, cabinets, framing, concrete, etc. You can create the materials list by room, area, or by project. Also, display lineal or square feet, create Cut & Buy Lists, create Schedules off Materials — such as Windows and Cabinets.

Schedule of Materials

Schedule of Materials — generate cabinet, door, window, electrical, appliance, and room schedules in a spreadsheet format. The schedules automatically update as you change the design model. Use Schedule labels to illustrate in your technical drawings.

CAD Editing Tools

Powerful Building Tools for foundations, framing, ceilings, roofs, stairs, cabinets, terrain, and CAD makes it easy to create the design. 2D & 3D camera tools make it easy to visualize and create the Sections and Details for your construction drawings.

CAD Building Tools

Comprehensive CAD objects and editing tools: Points, Lines, Polylines, Splines, Arcs, Circles, Ovals, Boxes, Arrows, Solids, Primitives, Fence, Trim Extend, Parallel, Perpendicular, Reflect, Replicate, Transform, Fillet, Chamfer, and several others.

Chief Architect Technical Illustration

Chief Architect allows you to design in a variety of views — 2D plan view, 2D elevation and the 3D perspective views. While some programs show 3D or have partial editing, with Chief Architect, every object in your design, including structural items, can be edited completely in 3D.


Drafters & CAD

Drafters & CAD
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Complete Architectural Design for New Construction, Additions, Remodeling, Kitchens & Baths, Landscaping & Decks


Smaller Projects
Quickly Create Full Construction Documents Including all Structural Elements such as Framing



Import/Export AutoCAD and 3D file types


Extensive CAD Detail Library to Quickly Detail your Plans


Complete Catalog Library of Manufacturer and Generic Content


Full Materials List including Automatic Structural Lumber Table for Cut and Buy Lists



Complete Set of Terrain, Landscaping and Deck Tools


Advanced 3D Rendering Capabilities including Artistic Rendering and Photo Realistic Raytrace Rendering


Why Chief Architect?

Chief Architect, Inc. began developing home design software in 1991 out of the passion to have a great product to design homes. We still have that passion today. All software development, engineering, sales and support are done by our own dedicated employees. We spend a lot of time listening to our user forum, ChiefTalk, User Group meetings, and our direct user interaction to make sure we really understand how to make our software serve professional designers.

When you purchase Chief Architect software and become a customer, we will offer world class support and services. While Chief Architect is the leading the 3D Home Design Software with the fastest learning curve, we also realize you need the support and education — which is why we offer the most extensive online webinars and online training videos (over 500) in the industry to help you be successful.

Give Chief Architect the chance to earn your business so you can be more productive and profitable!

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3D Architectural Home Design Software for Drafters & 3D CAD Users

Chief Architect design and drafting software is one the best architectural software tools to streamline the drafting process. Chief Architect includes CAD details and AutoCAD import to make it easy to add detail to your architectural drawings. Use the powerful 2D and 3D house design tools to create your construction drawings with Chief Architect software.

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