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Professional Design & Drafting Software

Specifically for designers and drafters. Based on the Premier version of Chief Architect, Lite is a more affordable version for customers with smaller, occasional projects. The building and drafting tools in Lite follow standard building practices. Every element has commonly used defaults and smart attributes that facilitate the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process making your design efficient and productive. As you draw your walls, the program automatically creates a 3D model and generates a Materials List. You will find powerful Automatic and Manual Building tools to produce Construction Documents.

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    Chief Architect software is provided standard via electronic download and includes an electronic Reference Manual / User's Guide and Software Lock security. A backup / installation DVD is available.

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    Select the product you are purchasing. All new purchases include 1 year of Support and Software Assurance. For secondary or multiple licenses, choose Add'l above. Please call for more information.

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Discover the Power of Chief Architect

Chief Architect is 3D architectural software for residential and light commercial design. Discover why millions of people use Chief Architect as the home design software product of choice for 2D and 3D design.

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CAD Software Tools

Chief Architect Lite offers powerful CAD tools for details and custom shapes to help you quickly create your construction drawings. With CAD Solids, you can produce slabs, shapes, custom countertops and other architectural objects. You will find CAD Drawing tools for lines, polylines, splines, arcs, sun angles and shapes. In addition, Lite provides tools for Align, Distribute, Copy, Replicate, Reflect, and several others for precision and productivity.

Residential Home Design Software

Chief Architect includes automated and manual building tools specifically for residential home design. Smart building tools such as Automatic Roofs can create hip, gable, shed, saltbox, gambrel and dormers. There are also manual roof tools that can create any roof style including curved roofs. You will find similar tools for Stairs, Framing, Platforms and Foundations to make your residential design projects fast and efficient. More on Building Design features.

Software Drafting

If you are drafting and creating plans for residential or light construction projects, Chief Architect includes architecturally correct CAD details. You can use or customize the CAD details to greatly speed up your drafting productivity. Many product manufacturers make their details available for download which can easily be imported into Chief Architect as DXF to save time as you create your construction drawings, cross sections and elevations.

Stair framing
Stair detail

Chief Architect Lite

Affordable home design software for designers and drafters.


Powerful building and drafting tools for fast and accurate construction drawings.

CAD & Section

Choose from a catalog of Architecturally Correct Section Details for Foundations, Roof Eaves, Floor Platforms and more.

Site Planning,
Terrain & Decks

Create 3D Terrain, Site Plans, Deck Design and Landscape and Hardscape Plans.

Plan Sets & Construction Drawings

Create Detailed Plan Sets complete with Site Plans, Floor Plans, Framing, Electrical/HVAC, Section Details, Structural, Elevations and 3D Perspectives. Define the scale for each construction page in a Chief Architect Layout. Every page is directly linked to the drawing and updates as your design changes – add a window or move a wall, your design is always synchronized. You can use Multiple Layers and Layer Sets and mask layers to quickly create views for your construction plans. Take a look at our Chief Architect sample home plans.

Site Plans, Terrain, Decks & Landscaping

With Chief Architect you can create a detailed 2D site plan using the CAD and Terrain tools or import the terrain survey data. Use the 3D camera and show your client how the lot and terrain will look with their new house. In addition to Terrain tools, you will find road and sidewalk tools for single and multi-family developments. Decking tools create automatic framing and foundations which have manual tools that you can further customize. Decking includes Materials Lists for Cut, Buy and Lineal materials for cost estimating and bidding. View samples of our Site Plans Terrain, Decks & Landscaping.

Deck Elevation

3D Models

Chief Architect allows you to design in 2D, Elevations or 3D. While 2D and Elevations are important for construction drawings, 3D can be invaluable to help communicate to clients and sell your home design projects. Quickly show your client the difference between a steep and shallow roof pitch or upsell from a flat ceiling to a trey or coffered ceiling by using one of the many 3D rendering cameras. Change your windows from a simple opening to a specific style or manufacturer or change the interior flooring to hardwood, stone, tile or carpet and help the client see their new home before you begin building.