Using the Different Material Painter Modes

Reference Number: KB-00793 Last Updated: 11-25-2014 04:37 PM

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors or Chief Architect Lite


What does each of the five Material Painter modes do and how can I use them?


The Material Painter modes help you specify exactly what is painted when you use the Material Painter tool.

To access the list of modes, select 3D> Material Painter> Material Painter  from the menu.

Component Mode  is selected by default. This mode applies materials to the component of an object when you click on that particular component.

  • Example: To paint the door of a cabinet a different color, select Component Mode if it is not already selected by default, then use the Material Painter  to change only the door. 

  • Exception: If you use component mode to apply materials to a wall, all the walls in the room change. To change a single wall, select the wall, open the specification, and select the material on the Materials panel. 

Object Mode  applies materials to an entire object.

  • Example: To make an entire cabinet another material, select Object Mode, then use the Material Painter  to change the whole cabinet. 

  • If you already changed part of the cabinet using component mode, that part does not change again because it is no longer the same material as the rest of the cabinet. 

Room Mode  applies materials to every object in a room that has the same original material.

  • Example: To change the oak cabinets in the kitchen to cherry, select Room mode. Now use the Material Painter  to change all the cabinets in the kitchen. You only need to click once on a single cabinet to accomplish this.
  • If you have other oak items in the same room, they also change to cherry. 

Floor Mode  applies materials to every object that has the same original material and is on the same floor of the plan.

  •  Example: To change tile countertops to granite, choose Floor Mode. Now a single click on one counter in the kitchen with the Material Painter  changes not just all the kitchen countertops, but the countertops in any bathrooms on the same floor, as well. 

Plan Mode  makes the most extensive changes. Use this mode to apply materials to every object in the plan that has the same original material.

  •  Example: To install the same carpet on all floors of a plan, select Plan Mode. Choose the Material Painter  and click in a single room to change all the floor coverings to carpet. 

Blend Colors with Materials  - In addition to the Material Painter Modes, the Blend Colors With Materials option allows you to apply a solid color to a surface displaying a pattern or texture and blend the two.

Blend Colors With Materials works in all five Material Painter Modes.

Room, Floor, and Plan modes can make extensive changes to a plan, and sometimes give you results that you do not expect. Carefully consider the possible results before you select one of these modes.