Importing a Room Planner Design into Chief Architect

Reference Number: KB-02302 Last Updated: 08-04-2014 02:12 PM

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors or Chief Architect Lite

Room Planner Website


I have Room Planner on my iPad. What is the procedure to import a design created in Room Planner into Chief Architect?


Use the steps below to import a floor plan design created in Room Planner into Chief Architect.

To save a Room Planner design to the Cloud

  1. Using your iPad, launch the Room Planner application and open the plan you intend to save to the Cloud.

  2. Tap the Folder  icon to open up your Saved Plans.

  3. Tap on the plan that you want to upload to the Cloud and select the Cloud  icon on the right.

  4. Click the Log In option within the dialog that appears. You can now log in to your existing Chief Architect account or you can create a new account if needed by clicking the Register button. 

    If you have an account already setup on, then you can use your existing email address and password to log in to your cloud account on the Room Planner application.

  5.  Now that you are logged in, tap on your plan and tap on the Cloud  icon once again. 

  6. A loading circle will appear. If the plan was uploaded successfully to the cloud, you will see a green cloud icon with a check mark. 

To import the design into Chief Architect

  1. Launch Chief Architect X6 and select File> New Plan  to create a new blank plan.

    Note: The option to import Room Planner files into Chief Architect is only available in X6 and newer. 

  2. Go to File> Import> Import Room Planner File  :

  3. A Chief Architect Account Login dialog will open. 

    • Enter in the email address and password used for your Chief Architect account and hit OK

  4. The Import Room Planner File dialog will appear. You will now see any plans that you have uploaded to the Cloud from Room Planner:

  5. Click on your preferred plan to select it and hit OK

Now that the design created in Room Planner has been imported to Chief Architect, take a 3D perspective view  to see the results. Walls, doors and windows from the Room Planner file will be imported.