1 Creating a Plot Plan

Create a plot plan polyline by imputing distance and angle into the New CAD Line dialog then converting the polyline into a terrain perimeter.

2 How to Modify the Layers that Display on a Dynamic View Sent to the Layout

The steps outlined in this article explain how to quickly access the Layer Display Options dialog for the correct Layer Set used when a view was sent to layout.

3 Message: Files not found in layout.

When Chief Architect can no longer find a plan file from which views have been sent to a layout file this Message will appear.

4 Message: No layout view or file was found.

If you have not created a layout or opened an existing layout in Home Designer Pro, you will see this message appear when you click the send to layout button.

5 Message: The output from this window will overlap the edges of the layout page.

This message displays when you send a view to layout at a scale that makes it either taller than the layout drawing sheet's height or wider than its width.

6 Message: Update View to Layout

Cross Section/Elevation, Backclipped Cross Section, and Wall Elevation views sent to layout are semi-dynamic; you can choose to update the layout or not.

7 Preventing Views Sent to Layout from Changing When the Model is Changed

If you would like to send a view to layout and so that it never updates when changes are made send the view to layout as an image or convert it into a CAD Detail.

8 Printing a Scaled Check Plot

A check plot is a test print that allows you to print at a reduced scale on smaller, less expensive paper so you can check that the drawing will print as expected.

9 Resizing a Layout Title Block and Border

You can edit an existing layout title block and border by selecting all of the CAD and Text objects and resizing them to fit a newly selected drawing sheet size.

10 Rotating an Elevation View on a Layout Page

3D views such as elevation views cannot be rotated on a layout page. If you would like an elevation view to be rotated, send it to layout in a different format.

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