1 Creating a Plot Plan

Create a plot plan polyline by imputing distance and angle into the New CAD Line dialog then converting the polyline into a terrain perimeter.

2 Message: Files not found in layout.

When Chief Architect can no longer find a plan file from which views have been sent to a layout file this Message will appear.

3 Message: No layout view or file was found.

If you have not created a layout or opened an existing layout in Home Designer Pro, you will see this message appear when you click the send to layout button.

4 Message: Update View to Layout

Cross Section/Elevation, Backclipped Cross Section, and Wall Elevation views sent to layout are semi-dynamic; you can choose to update the layout or not.

5 Preventing Views Sent to Layout from Changing When the Model is Changed

If you would like to send a view to layout and so that it never updates when changes are made send the view to layout as an image or convert it into a CAD Detail.

6 Printing a Scaled Check Plot

A check plot is a test print that allows you to print at a reduced scale on smaller, less expensive paper so you can check that the drawing will print as expected.

7 Resizing a Layout Title Block and Border

You can edit an existing layout title block and border by selecting all of the CAD and Text objects and resizing them to fit a newly selected drawing sheet size.

8 Rotating an Elevation View on a Layout Page

3D views such as elevation views cannot be rotated on a layout page. If you would like an elevation view to be rotated, send it to layout in a different format.

9 Sending a View to Layout so that it Fills the Page

When views are sent to layout you can specify a scale, or you can direct the program to select the scale that best fills the printed page.

10 This new layout box references the "Layout Set 1" layer set saved in your plan.

If changes are made to a Layer Set used by a layout view, those changes will affect the appearance of the view on the layout page.