1 Creating an Image for Use in a Brochure or on a Website

Create 2D plan views with rendered 3D characteristics to post in a portfolio, on a website or in a brochure by overlaying a floor plan on top of a 3d model.

2 Importing Plant Images Into a Plan

Images of plants can be imported into Chief Architect and modified to display in your camera views just as the plant images contained in our library catalogs.

3 Saving a View of my Plan as a Picture

You can share an image of your plan file with others or use the image for your website or printed media by using the Export Image tools

4 Tracing Over an Imported File to Create a 3D Model

There isn't a way to convert a digital image into a 3D model in Chief Architect; however, you can use an image of a floor plan as a template to trace over.