1 Adjusting Line Weight Scaling

Line weight scaling affects both line weights and line styles, and can be particularly noticeable with dashed line styles.

2 How the Architectural and ANSI Paper Sizes Differ

Architectural and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) are two paper size standards commonly used in the United States.

3 How to Print to a PDF Document

While Chief Architect programs cannot export to PDF files, you can quickly configure your computer to print to PDF files by installing a PDF Printer driver.

4 Importing a PDF File

Import pdf files into the newer versions of Chief architect by clicking File> Import> Pdf. Import into older versions by first converting it to an image.

5 Making Sure a Plan Fits on the Page when Printing

Getting your drawing to fit the paper can sometimes be difficult. We'll show you how to make it simple.

6 PDF Print Driver Information

Create a PDF by installing a PDF print driver then using the Print dialog set the PDF print driver as your printer and then print your PDF document.

7 Printing a Scaled Check Plot

A check plot is a test print that allows you to print at a reduced scale on smaller, less expensive paper so you can check that the drawing will print as expected.

8 Printing in Grey Scale

Produce grey scale drawings by setting your printer to print in grey scale and setting Chief Architect to print in color.

9 Setting the Print Scale

When the Print dialog is opened, the Drawing Scale is already set and is displayed as a reference only. The print scale can be modified in the Page Setup dialog.

10 Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Printing issues can be resolved by specifying a default printer, using the Clear Printer info tool, or creating pdf and then printing the pdf.

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