1 Adjusting Line Weight Scaling

Line weight scaling affects both line weights and line styles, and can be particularly noticeable with dashed line styles.

2 Defining the Page Setup for Printing

In this article we will learn how to define your page so that it is ready to print.

3 How the Architectural and ANSI Paper Sizes Differ

Architectural and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) are two paper size standards commonly used in the United States.

4 How to Print to a PDF Document

While Chief Architect programs cannot export to PDF files, you can quickly configure your computer to print to PDF files by installing a PDF Printer driver.

5 Importing a PDF File

Import pdf files into the newer versions of Chief architect by clicking File> Import> Pdf. Import into older versions by first converting it to an image.

6 Making Sure a Plan Fits on the Page when Printing

Getting your drawing to fit the paper can sometimes be difficult. We'll show you how to make it simple.

7 PDF Print Driver Information

Create a PDF by installing a PDF print driver then using the Print dialog set the PDF print driver as your printer and then print your PDF document.

8 Printing a Scaled Check Plot

A check plot is a test print that allows you to print at a reduced scale on smaller, less expensive paper so you can check that the drawing will print as expected.

9 Printing in Gray Scale

Produce grey scale drawings by setting your printer to print in grey scale and setting Chief Architect to print in color.

10 Setting the Print Scale

When the Print dialog is opened, the Drawing Scale is already set and is displayed as a reference only. The print scale can be modified in the Page Setup dialog.

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