Edit Tools

11 Using the Customizable Hotkeys Feature

Set up new hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts or customize existing ones by using the Customize Hotkeys option from the Tools menu.

12 Using the Fillet and Chamfer Edit Tools

The Fillet Two Lines and Chamfer Two Lines edit buttons allow you to add fillets, or curves, and chamfers, or angled edges, to the corners of CAD objects.

13 Using the Point to Point Move Tool to Position CAD Objects

This article demonstrates how Point to Point Move can be used with Object Snapping behaviors to precisely position a ¬footing, stem wall and treated sill plate.

14 Using the Screen Capture Tool to Create a Backdrop, Image, Material or Picture

The Screen Capture tool allows you to add backdrops, images, or materials directly to the library or to create picture objects.

15 Using the Space Planning Assistant

The Build House Wizard feature allows you to start a new floor plan by creating and arranging 2D room boxes and then converting these boxes into rooms.