Toolbars & Hotkeys

1 Changing from the Drop Down to the Child Tool Palette Setup

To switch to a parent/child toolbar configuration adjust the Toolbars setting on the Appearance panel of the Preferences dialog.

2 Creating a Custom Toolbar

You can create custom toolbars, and then dock the toolbar to the top, bottom or side of the Chief Architect window, or let it float undocked in the drawing area.

3 Creating Custom Toolbar Configurations

Create a custom toolbar using the Toolbar Customization dialog. Once created, Toolbar Configurations can be backed up, transferred, and shared.

4 Finding Tools in the Toolbar Customization Dialog

The tool bars in Chief Architect are highly customizable. Read on to learn how to fully customize yours.

5 How to Create a Color Palette Toolbar

You can create a color palette with materials from a particular manufacturer library or from different libraries that complement one another.

6 Message: Cannot open custom toolbar configuration file.

This message appears when the Custom Toolbar file could not be opened. The problem can be resolved by creating or importing a new custom toolbar configuration.

7 Troubleshooting Missing Toolbars

The toolbars within Home Designer can be hidden for several reasons

8 Using the Arrow Keys to Pan in Floor Plan View

Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move a selected object or objects by single snap grid increments in 2D and 3D views or program other buttons to nudge instead.

9 Using the MEP Toolbar Configuration

The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Configuration is a toolbar configuration that provides convenient access to tools customized for MEP drawings.

10 Using the Next Command and Previous Command Hotkeys

You can navigate a list of up to 100 recently used tools using the Cancel Selection/Previous Command, Next Command and Previous Command hotkeys.