1 Creating and Using a Plan Style Template

You can create your own custom template plans to reflect the architectural styles, annotation sets, and materials that you use most often.

2 Creating and Using Layout Templates

Your layout is an integral part of the design process. It's the one thing that doesn't change that much from project to project. Save time with a template.

3 Message: Do you want to use this file as your default template?

When you select New Plan From Template, you are able to create a new, blank file based on a template other than the one specified in the Preferences dialog

4 Message: The default template was not found.

This message will display if you try to open a new plan or layout, but the program cannot find the file that you've specified as your template.

5 Restoring the Default Template Plan

You can restore or choose a new default plan template by using the Plan Template setting on the New Plans panel of Preferences.