1 Creating an Energy Heel Truss Featured

For energy efficiency, some areas recommend an energy heel, or raised heel, so that there is not a cold spot in the intersection where the roof meets the wall.

2 Creating a Log Truss

While the Truss tool does not create log trusses, you can download a Catalog of Components that include a selection of log trusses ready to be placed in your plans.

3 Creating a Roof over Log Trusses

This article walks you through preparing the structure, placing trusses, purlins, and adding a roof over the top of log trusses.

4 Creating a Vaulted Ceiling and Scissor Trusses

Roof trusses are generated in the space between the roof planes and the ceiling planes below. When a vaulted ceiling is created scissor trusses are used.

5 Creating an Attic Truss

6 Creating Exposed Trusses in a Cathedral Ceiling

You can create exposed trusses by creating a ceiling to define where you want the trusses' bottom chords, drawing the trusses, and then removing the ceiling.

7 Creating Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are defined by the position of one or more roof planes above and one or more ceilings below, so both must be in place before a truss is drawn.