1 Creating a Glass or Cable Stair Rail

Creating a custom stair railing can be easy to create in Chief Architect as you can manually draw a railing, apply a panel to it, and have it follow your stairs.

2 Creating Custom Balusters and Railing Panels

3 Creating Stairs with Glass or Cable Railings

Creating a custom stair railing can be created by manually drawing a railing, applying a panel to it, and setting it to follow your stairs

4 How to Have Auto Exterior Dimensions Locate Deck Railings

By default in Chief Architect, Railings and Deck Railings have No Locate checked. You can change this for every railing or through your Default Settings.

5 Positioning a Railing Directly Above Another on a Tiered Deck

You can align railings directly above/below one another using the Generate on Low Platform setting on the Rail Style tab of the Railing Specification dialog.