Materials List

1 Adding Items to the Materials List

Adding a line item to the Materials List in Chief Architect is done by specifying the item as a component of one of the architectural objects in your plan.

2 Controlling the Information in a Materials List

Control what information is included in a materials list by using the Preferences dialog or using the Materials List Display Options dialog.

3 Creating a Cut List of Framing Materials

The Structural Member Reporting dialog allows you to specify a Mixed Reporting, Total Lineal Length, Cut List or Buy List modes.

4 Saving Changes and Prices Entered into a Materials List

The materials list is a powerful feature. But now that you've created a list of materials and their prices, how do you save it for use in other plans?

5 What is the Fir Stud Stock Listed in my Materials List?

Fir Stud Stock is an estimate of the amount of wall framing material needed that is not full length such as the cripples and trimmers around doors and windows.