Troubleshooting Wall Framing Issues

Reference Number: KB-00335 Last Updated: 01-12-2015 05:14 PM

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Lite


Wall framing isn't generating correctly in my plan.  What might be the cause?


A number of factors will cause a wall not to produce wall framing. Below are some of the most common causes, and how to correct them so that framing will generate in all of the walls of your plan.

To build wall framing

  1. From the menu, select Build> Framing> Build Framing

  2. Once the Build Framing dialog displays, go to the Wall panel and place a check in the box that says Build Wall Framing.  

  3. Also select the Automatically Build Wall Framing checkbox to regenerate wall framing whenever changes are made to the model.

    Note: It is necessary to turn this feature off later on if you want to make manual adjustments to the framing.

  4. Once you press the OK button, wall framing should generate throughout your plan.  

    If it does not, or if wall framing will not generate in one or more walls of your plan, use the following steps to troubleshoot these additional problem walls.

To check for Retain Wall Framing

If the option for Retain Wall framing is enabled Framing will not generate.

  1. Use the Select Objects  tool to select the wall in question, then click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Wall Specification dialog. 

  2. On the Structure panel of the Wall Specification dialog, if there is a checkmark next to Retain Wall Framing at the bottom of the panel. Remove it, and click OK.  

  3. Finally, if you did not select Automatic Wall Framing earlier, then you will need to go back into the Build Framing dialog and rebuild the Wall Framing to see this change take effect.

If framing still will not generate in this wall, or if Retain Wall Framing wasn't selected in the earlier steps above, it may be that the Main Layer for this Wall Type is set incorrectly

To verify the Main Layer and its material

  1. Use the Select Objects  tool to select the wall in question, then click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Wall Specification dialog. 

  2. Select the Wall Types panel, and then click on the Define button.  

  3. In the Wall Type Definitions dialog.

    • On the left side, under the Wall Layers heading, you will see each layer of the wall, along with a check box beside each layer.  
      The check box will indicate the Main Layer, which should typically be set to your Framing layer, generally the thickest layer in the wall. 

    • If the framing layer is not the Main Layer, check the box beside this layer to select it.

    • If this Wall Type has been modified so that a Framing material is not used for the Layer Material of this wall type, you will need to choose a Library Material that is a Framing type, and set it as the main Layer.

    • If multiple layers are designated as main layers, one of these layers must be a Framing Material.

  4. Once you have completed this procedure, click the OK button, and then again attempt to rebuild the wall framing in your plan.

To create a framing overview

  1. From the menu select 3D> Create Perspective View> Perspective Framing Overview .