Message: You do not appear to be using a driver customized for your video card.

Reference Number: KB-00818
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I keeping seeing this message when I use Chief Architect. What does this mean?

 "-272032207 You do not appear to be using a driver customized for your video card. For the best performance, we recommend you download and install a video card driver from your video card vendor."


This message displays when you do not have a video card driver provided by the manufacturer, often described as an installed client driver.

The video driver that you are using is a standard Microsoft driver that will not take advantage of your video hardware acceleration.

You will also receive this message if you are using an operating system emulation software such as Parallels running on a Macintosh computer, which is not supported.

The solution is to contact your video card manufacturer and obtain a video driver for your video card. 

Laptops generally have customized drivers, so you should contact the laptop manufacturer to obtain the latest driver.

Once you obtain the correct driver for your system, this message will no longer display and you should see enhanced performance in 3D views.


You can find more information about what video driver is being used on the Video Card Status panel of the Preferences dialog.

  • To Access the Preferences dialog, navigate to Edit> Preferences on a PC or Chief Architect> Preferences on a Mac.

If the OpenGL Vendor is Microsoft, then you need to update your driver.

Some commonly used video drivers can be obtained from the web links listed below. Be certain to verify which graphics drivers are appropriate for your computer by consulting the computer manufacturer:

For more information on how to install or configure these drivers, consult the manufacturer of your computer or video graphics card.