Creating a Custom Line Style

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Chief Architect Premier


I need to use a particular line style in my drawing but don't see it as a choice in the Library Browser.  How can I create a line style myself?


The Line Style Specification dialog allows you to create new line styles for use in Chief Architect.

Please note that the attributes of custom line styles created in Chief are not retained in drawings exported to .­dxf /.­dwg.

In this example, we will create a line style for grey water plumbing lines.

To create a custom line style

  1. Select CAD> Lines> Create Line Style  or right-click on an unlocked library folder and select New> Line Style.

    • You can also edit an existing line style by choosing to Copy it to an unlocked library, then right-clicking on it and selecting Open from the ­contextual menu.

  2. In the Line Style Specification dialog:

    • Type a short, descriptive Name for the line style. In this example, "Grey Water (large)" is used.

  3. Next, Insert a line style component: a Dash, Dot, or Text item.

    • In this example, a total of four components are used: three Dash components and one Text component.

  4. With each component created, the characteristics of each can now be adjusted. To select a component, click on it in the line style preview diagram or in the list of components located to the right of the Insert options.

    • The first two Dash components in this example each have Length and Spacing values of 1/8".

    • The third Dash component has a Length of 1/8" and a Spacing value of 1/4".

    • The Text component has a Length of 7/16", which is based on its Text information. Its Spacing is 1/4", and its Text Height is 1/8". Its Text reads "G / W".

  5. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the line style in the preview diagram, click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes.

    • In X4 and newer the new Line Style will be located in your User Catalog.

    • In X3 and Prior, if you accessed the Line Style Specification dialog via the CAD menu, your new line style will be saved in the User Catalog.  You can copy or move it into the User Library category, where you can organize your custom library content to suit your needs.

    • In X3 and prior, if you accessed the Line Style Specification dialog by right-clicking on an unlocked library folder, it will be located in that folder.

    • In either case, you can make changes to this line style's attributes at any time by right-clicking on its name and selecting Open from the contextual menu.  Note that changes will not affect any objects currently using that line style: only subsequently drawn objects.

  6. There are several ways to use your new custom line style:

    • Click on the line style in the library, move your mouse pointer into the drawing area, and then click and drag to draw a CAD line.

    • Assign the line style to any object on the Line Style tab of the object's specification dialog.

    • Assign the new line style to the Current CAD Layer and all CAD objects will be drawn using that line style.

When a line style with text is used in a drawing, its font, style, and transparency will be determined by the Text Style assigned to the layer that the object using that line style is on.  For more information about Text Styles, see article 1325, How to create and use a custom Text Style.


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