Creating Etched Glass

Reference Number: KB-01076 Last Updated: 08-20-2014 11:46 AM

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors or Chief Architect Lite


I would like to be able to use etched glass in my doors, windows, or cabinets but I cannot find an etched glass material in the library. Is there a way to make my own?


Creating an etched glass material is easy with Chief Architect's material tools. In this article we will show you how to create a material for both Camera and Ray Trace views.

We will be modifying an existing material from the Chief Architect Core Catalogs.

If you have a custom image that you would like to use to create a new, custom material, then see article 767 in the related articles section below.

Customizing the material

  1. With a plan open, select View> Library Browser from the menu.

  2. Browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Materials> Fabric & Wall Coverings> Patterns & Prints> Climbing Floral> Blue, right-click Floral Navy Print and choose Copy.

  3. Go to the User Catalog folder, right-click and choose Paste.

  4. Right-click Floral Navy Print from the User Catalog folder and choose Open .

  5. In the Define Material dialog, switch to the Texture panel:

    • Check the Blend with Texture check-box at the bottom and select the color you want your glass to be.

    • In this example we are using the color white.

    • Highlight the path to the Texture File, right-click and choose Copy.

  6. Switch to the Properties panel:

    • Change the Material Name to Floral Print - Etched Glass.

    • Set the Material Class to Transparent.

    • Set the Index of Refraction to Crown Glass.

    • Check the Use Bump Map in Ray Trace Views check-box and Paste the path that you copied from the Texture panel earlier.

    • Set the Height Multiplier to 0.005.

      For Chief Architect Lite, change the Material Class to General Material and set the Transparency to 75%.

  7. Click OK to accept your changes to the material.

You are now ready to apply the custom material to any glass surface you want.