Message: Do you want to use this file as your default template?

Reference Number: KB-01123 Last Updated: 11-14-2014 02:12 PM

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors or Chief Architect Lite


When I use the New Plan From Template or New ­Layout From Template tool, a Question message always asks, "Do you want to use this file as your default template?"  Why does it do this?


Whenever you open a new, blank plan or layout file, all of the default settings and other information present in the plan are inherited from a template file.  You can specify the files to use as your plan and layout templates on the New Plans panel of the Preferences dialog.  To learn more about templates, see:

Article Number #463:  How to create and use a plan style template

Article Number #737: How to create and use a layout template


When you select File> Templates> New Plan From Template  or New Layout From Template , you are able to create a new, blank file based on a template other than the one specified in the Preferences dialog.  (In Chief Architect 10 and prior, select File> Open Template.) 

As a convenience in Chief Architect X1 and newer, the program presents this Question message to offer you an easy way to make the selected file your file template the next time a New Plan  or New Layout  is opened.


  • Click Yes to make the file that you selected your template file for future new plans or layouts.  This file will be listed on the New Plans panel of the Preferences dialog and can be changed whenever you wish.

  • Click No to use the selected file as the template for the new plan or layout you are creating, but not for future files.  You can specify new templates whenever you like on the New Plans panel of the Preferences dialog.

  • If you prefer to not see this message again, check Remember my choice.