11 How to Fix Seeing Sky or Terrain in Camera Views

The Floor Camera tool creates views of the current floor only. The ceiling and anything above it is not generated, and neither is anything below the floor.

12 Message: Deleting this saved camera will delete the view it represents

If a cross section/elevation view that has been sent to layout and you choose to delete it, the link between the layout and plan will be broken.

13 Message: You do not appear to be using a driver customized for your video card.

This message displays when you do not have a video card driver provided by the manufacturer, often described as an installed client driver.

14 Message: Your video card is unable to provide optimum 3D performance.

You may receive this message if you have an outdated video driver or an unsupported video card.

15 Rotating an Elevation View on a Layout Page

3D views such as elevation views cannot be rotated on a layout page. If you would like an elevation view to be rotated, send it to layout in a different format.

16 Specifying a Spherical Backdrop

If you have a spherical backdrop image that you would like to use, you can import it into the Backdrops library and then specify it as Spherical.

17 Specifying What Video Codecs to use for Walkthroughs

In Chief Architect, you have the ability to choose from a list of currently installed video codecs to be used while recording a walkthrough.

18 Spinning the Model in a Camera Overview

Rotate or spin an overview camera by using keyboard commands or using the Mouse Orbit camera tool. If necessary you can change the focal point of the camera.

19 Switching from a Camera View Back to Floor Plan

To close the view of the camera you can either Click on the lower X at the top right corner of a window or you can select File> Close from the menu.

20 Troubleshooting Missing Patterns in Orthographic or Vector Views

The display of patterns in Orthographic Views can be turned on or off, using the Toggle Patterns option from the 3D menu.