1 Creating a Dynamic Window Label

You can create dynamically updating window labels easily by taking advantage of the built-in label macros that come with your current version Default profile plan.

2 Displaying the Square Footage of a Room

By default, the internal dimensions of a room are included in the room label. However, two other options for displaying room size in room labels are available.

3 Message: Room Label text can only be modified through the Room Specification or Room Label Defaults dialogs.

This message displays to inform you that although the Room Label Specification dialog is a type of Text dialog, the text of the room label cannot be modified here.

4 Modifying the Text Styles of Labels

A Text Style is a saved set of attributes that can be assigned to any object that displays text. Text Styles can be modified in the Default Settings.

5 Showing the Room Area and Room Dimensions Using Macros

Room information such as Room dimensions, Standard Room Area and Internal Room area can be added to a plan by using macros.