1 Adjusting the Number of Available Undo Operations

By default, the ten most recent actions can be Undone and Redone. If you would like to increase or decrease this number, you can do so in Preferences.

2 Controlling how Many Files Display in the Recently Used List.

The number of Most Recently Used files that show at the bottom of the file menu can be modified on the General panel of the Preferences dialog.

3 Controlling the Display of the Cross Hair

The cross hairs are useful in many situations but there are some cases where you may want to hide them. Or maybe you want them to show up in other views.

4 Displaying the Status Bar

The Status Bar is found at the bottom of the Chief Architect program window and displays information about the current state of the program.

5 Enabling or Disabling Contextual Menus

Right clicking on an object will bring up a contextual menu containing all of the edit tools available for that particular type of object. Contextual menus can be turned off in your preferences.

6 Tracking the Amount of Time Spent on a Project

The Time Tracker utility, located in the tools menu, enables you to accurately track the amount of time spent on a particular plan or layout file.