1 Adding Chief Architect or Home Designer Software as an Exception to the Mac Firewall Featured

2 Adding a Custom Backdrop to Camera Views

Backdrops are images that display behind the model in 3D views, and new backdrops can be created using a variety of graphic file formats.

3 Adding a Filled, Closed Polyline to the Library Browser

Add a filled closed polyline to the library by group selecting the polyline, making it a CAD block and then adding it to the library.

4 Adding a Polyline Solid to the User Library Catalog

Custom shaped polyline solids can be added to the library by marquee selecting it and making it into an architectural block.

5 Adding a Text Box to the Library Browser

The Add to Library tool isn't available for a single text box. However, you can block a text box, create a CAD Block, and add it to the Library.

6 Backing up Library Content

It is a good idea to back up your Chief Architect library along with your user catalog so they can be easily restored if your computer crashes.

7 Converting a Chief Architect X1 Library for Use in a Newer Version

It is possible to convert X1 library files for use in newer versions of Chief Architect by clicking Library> Convert Legacy (.alb) Library Files.

8 Creating Library Filters

Library Filters can be used to customize your search results for example to not include materials and show only symbols in your results.

9 Drawing a Custom Gutter Molding Profile

Create a custom gutter profile by using CAD lines, arcs and splines then add the molding to the library for future use.

10 Finding an Item you Searched for in the Library Tree View

After searching for an item you can switch to the library tree view to see where the item is located within the browser by clicking Show in Browser

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