1 Adding an Exception to the Mac Firewall Featured

2 Adding a CAD Detail to the Library

Re-use CAD details in future plans by creating a CAD block of the detail and then adding the detail to the Library Browser.

3 Adding a Custom Backdrop to Camera Views

Backdrops are images that display behind the model in 3D views, and new backdrops can be created using a variety of graphic file formats.

4 Adding a Filled, Closed Polyline to the Library Browser

Add a filled closed polyline to the library by group selecting the polyline, making it a CAD block and then adding it to the library.

5 Adding a Polyline Solid to the User Library Catalog

Custom shaped polyline solids can be added to the library by marquee selecting it and making it into an architectural block.

6 Adding a Text Box to the Library Browser

The Add to Library tool isn't available for a single text box. However, you can block a text box, create a CAD Block, and add it to the Library.

7 Backing up Library Content

It is a good idea to back up your Chief Architect library along with your user catalog so they can be easily restored if your computer crashes.

8 Converting a Chief Architect X1 Library for Use in a Newer Version

It is possible to convert X1 library files for use in newer versions of Chief Architect by clicking Library> Convert Legacy (.alb) Library Files.

9 Creating Library Filters

Library Filters can be used to customize your search results for example to not include materials and show only symbols in your results.

10 Drawing a Custom Gutter Molding Profile

Create a custom gutter profile by using CAD lines, arcs and splines then add the molding to the library for future use.

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