11 Drawing a Custom Gutter Molding Profile

Create a custom gutter profile by using CAD lines, arcs and splines then add the molding to the library for future use.

12 Finding an Item you Searched for in the Library Tree View

After searching for an item you can switch to the library tree view to see where the item is located within the browser by clicking Show in Browser

13 Generating a List of the Items in a Library

A list of the objects found in the Library Browser can easily be created and then pasted into a word processor, spreadsheet or even a Notepad file.

14 Manually Installing Core Catalogs for Chief Architect Interiors

15 Manually Installing Core Catalogs for Chief Architect Lite

16 Manually Installing Core Catalogs for Chief Architect Premier

17 Message: The library has an invalid version number.

Library catalogs are available for download from our 3D Library website. While there are catalogs available for several different version of Chief Architect, you should only attempt to install those for your version.

18 Obtaining Library Content

If your X5 Library Browser is empty, then you have not yet downloaded the Core Content. You can re-start the download by clicking Install Core Content.

19 Obtaining Library Content for Chief Architect X4

Re-install the core Content by Library and Install Core Content or download Bonus and Manufacturer content from our website.

20 Obtaining Library Content for X3

In X3, content was subscription-based and could be downloaded on an item by item basis but also allowed you to subscribe to a catalog and then download.