Installation & Registration

1 Adding an Exception to the Mac Firewall Featured

2 Chief Architect Academic X3 Network Installation Instructions

Installing an academic, multi-seat version of Chief Architect on a network is easy when you follow these instructions.

3 Chief Architect Academic X4 Network Installation Instructions

Installing and configuring a multi-seat academic version of Chief Architect is easy when you use this procedure.

4 Chief Architect Academic X5 Network Installation Instructions

Multi-seat copies of Chief Architect are easy to install on the computer of your choice.

5 Chief Architect Academic X6 Network Installation Instructions

6 Chief Architect Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Chief Architect are described here for all current and past versions.

7 Downloading and Installing Trial Versions

The free trial version of Chief Architect is quick and easy to install when you use these instructions.

8 Finding the Chief Architect Download and Installation Instructions

Complete download and registration instructions for Chief Architect are easy to access and understand.

9 Finding the Product Key Used to Register your Software License

Here's how you can determine the registration information for Chief Architect, and take advantage of your rebate.

10 Making a Backup Copy of a Chief Architect Program Installer

Making a backup copy of the Chief Architect installer is simple and easy when you use this method.

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