1 Converting a Polyline into a Terrain Perimeter

Converting a CAD drawing into a plan’s terrain perimeter allows you to create a perimeter that bounds the 3D terrain and defines the property.

2 Creating a Stepped Retaining Wall

Stepped retaining walls are a nice feature to add to your landscape. Chief Architect makes it easy.

3 Creating a Walk-out Basement

The program will produce a flat building pad under your plan by default. Use these steps to slope terrain and create a walkout basement.

4 Creating an In-ground Swimming Pool

Using the Terrain Feature Tools, Polyline Solids and 3D Molding Polylines, you can create a custom ground level swimming pool.

5 Creating Expansion Joints in a Sidewalk

To model expansion joints in a sidewalk, create a single section of sidewalk and then replicate it with small gaps in between each section.

6 Creating Stairs in Sloping Terrain

You can create stairs that follow your terrain by drawing the stairs in an area defined by Retaining Walls and snapping the stairs to landings at each end.

7 Deleting Objects From the Terrain

If you delete one or more terrain objects without deleting the Terrain Perimeter, you will not immediately see any changes in your terrain model.

8 Generating Contour Lines on the Terrain

If you have added Hills and Valleys to your terrain at the same location as a Flat Region, the flat region will have priority over the hills and valleys.

9 How Chief Architect Interprets Terrain Lines

Placing similar elevation lines close to each other allows the terrain to be built with fewer unwanted elevation changes.

10 How the Height of Floors Relate to the Height of the Terrain

Chief Architect will automatically raise the floor platform off the terrain for you. The amount that the floor is raised depends on the type of ¬foundation.

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