11 Importing Terrain Elevation Data from a dxf or dwg File

Many surveyors save their surveys into a DWG, or DXF, file that contains the elevation information about a lot. Chief Architect can import and use this data.

12 Matching Building and Terrain Heights

Floor height varies depending on the type of foundation that you choose to build, and the Elevation value that you enter in the Terrain Specification dialog.

13 Placing a Retaining Wall in the Terrain

Retaining walls are automatically drawn with footings and a terrain break, which creates a sharp drop in the terrain along the wall.

14 Smoothing Terrain Contours and Controlling it Precisely

Chief Architect's terrain tools make it possible for you to shape and slope your terrain with precision and ease.

15 Using Real World Elevation Data to Create a Terrain

Before entering your terrain data, change the terrain settings to avoid having the house float too low or too high in the terrain.